Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Friday Fun Day

Fridays seem to be our day with no plans - and I love it...especially when the weather is so nice!  Last Friday we headed out on a walk again and stopped to let the kiddos play at the playground on the way back to the house!  They had a great time - and so did I!

Katie posed for a picture before playing :) Love that she puts the hands on the hips for pictures already.  Wonder where she got that? Ha!
 Such a fun color on her!  Cutie pie :)
 There's nothing better than them walking hand in sweet!  Although I do have to remind Katie not to run - Jack is still learning!  She would be dragging him otherwise!
 And I have just about given up on trying to get cute smiling pictures of Jack (not really, don't worry) - most of him are action shots (definitely sums up this stage of his life) or of him running away from me or he is a blur of activity!  Here you can see the remnants of his eye bruise that turned into kind of looking like a black eye!  Glad that is gone - and I know there will likely be more black eyes to come considering how busy this boy is!
 Of course he is smiling!  He is carrying a stick!
 Another hand in hand picture.  And my favorite part?  Katie looks so intense (she is probably talking) and Jack is smiling (probably laughing because he is trying to run either to catch up with Katie or to get away from her)!
 Mr. GQ...or something like that :)
 Love this boy and his stars!  I still don't know if the outfit is supposed to be pajamas or an outfit, but he wore it as an outfit the whole day...and got lots of compliments! 
 He adores his big sweet!  She was making him laugh for this picture!
 And I was trying to take a picture of me and Jack - clearly I was way off with the aim of the  lens!  I do love it though - so clear of Jack's eyes...and it's like he is waving byebye!  In all likelihood, he was trying to grab the camera though :)
I am loving that we are able to get out and enjoy this beautiful fall weather before it turns too chilly!  Happy Wednesday!


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