Monday, February 10, 2014

Fresh Beat Band Adventure

A few weeks ago we surprised Katie with a Mommy-Daddy-Katie date to dinner and see The Fresh Beat Band!  A huge thanks to a friend I went to high school with - he toured with them last year and was offered some tickets this year when they were in town, so he asked if we would want them.  Katie was SO excited and had such a good time!

We got out there and had dinner at Johnny Rocket's - my milkshake was amazing :)
And here are these two crazies while we were waiting to meet up to get our tickets!
Not only did we get tickets, but we got wristbands for the Meet & Greet afterwards - she couldn't believe it!
And here is Daddy and Katie - so cute!
 And me with my favorite girl :)
And this was our view of the was also neat because the show was at the Grand Ole Opry!
After the show, they took everyone with wristbands to special area - and it was set up for a kids party!!  They had balloons, photo booth/dress up areas, hula hoops, things to crawl through, water and snacks, fun was perfect!  These two are nuts :)
LOVE this one! HA!
And we walking around and came across one of Katie's friends in her class at school!  They were so excited to see each other!
Katie mastered the hula hoop while we were there too - love this action shot!
And she got to meet the band! :) She gave them all hugs and definitely was star struck!
And on our way out, we stopped to look at the Opry stage!  Katie loved her swag that Chuck got her too - a tshirt, microphone, and sweatband!
It was such a fun night - and Katie wasn't in bed until almost 10:30!  She had a great time and told everybody about it! :)

Stay tuned for some other fun things we have been up to, a 20 week bump update, and the big gender reveal! :)


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  1. That is so cool that she got to meet the band. I bet she was thrilled!!!