Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jack's Last Day of MDO

It seems pretty fitting that I am finally posting end of school year things from May and here it is time for school to start again! AH! Maybe that will give me more time to catch up.  I hope so!

Jack had some pretty great teachers at MDO last year!  He sure loved them - he hugged on them all the time!  Here he is on the next to last day with them!
It really is amazing to see how much these kiddos change from the beginning of school to the end - at his age, it seems like they lose so much of that "baby look".  Unacceptable!

Here is Jack on the last day of school...
Goodness he is such a mess.  He's never met a stranger.  He loves to give hugs and kisses.  He is so smart - he amazes me with his knowledge of shapes and construction equipment (important things in life, right?).  He is doing more and more on his own.  He is also a booger who can't sit still and is so stubborn and hard-headed.  And he loves to tackle people...sometimes even when he is trying to give hugs.  Whew! 
And here it is.  The first day of school and the last of school.  AH!  Just look at that little guy - and he doesn't have those pinchable cheeks!!
I love watching Jack learn and grow and I am so grateful that he is surrounded by such amazing friends and grown ups along the way!

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