Saturday, August 1, 2015

Katie's First School Play

Just before the end of school, the kindergarten class had their play!  It was so cute and all of the kids did such a great job.  And my little lady....HAD A SPEAKING PART!  And she did a great job!  During the day, they did the play for the entire school (which meant wearing her costume to school and changing after the performance).  And then that evening, they did it for friends and family!  The only thing Katie needs to work on is saying her part slowly and waiting to start the words until she gets to the microphone.  But that is impressive for a 6 year old to get up and say a line in front of that many people! 
She was the Cat in the Fiddle.  And her line -- "Look at the moooooon!  Kinda makes you jumpy doesn't it??" :)

Here she is before heading out for the bus the morning of all of her performances!
One more :) My cute kitty.
And I got a picture with her after her evening performance!  We took her flowers to congratulate her on a job well done!
Here she is with her flowers - love how bright they were!
And a picture with Grandma and Cee Cee!
After her performance, we went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood - and apparently lots of other families had the same ideas!  There were little animals (kindergarteners) running around the whole place!
I think she had a good time and enjoyed being part of a production!  She can be rather dramatic, so that seems to be fitting :)

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