Saturday, August 8, 2015

Katie's Field Day

I thought I should go ahead and wrap up Katie's kindergarten year before doing her back to school post for first grade :) So here we go!
Field Day is always such a fun day for kiddos in school!  And Katie certainly enjoyed her very first one towards the end of the school year last year!  She was ready for some fun!
I went to eat lunch with her and then stuck around for the festivities!
She and her boyfriend :) They aren't in the same class this year, but she was so excited to play with him on the playground the very first day!
This first event was the wet sponge over/under :) For instance Katie went over her head and then the person behind had the sponge go under his legs - alternating the whole way and then ringing it out at the back of the line and then doing it again until the buzzer.  The team with the most water in the bucket won :)
Similar event here - pouring water from person to person and cup to cup and the last person dumps in a bucket - the team with the most water in the big bucket wins.
Relay race - pretty self explanatory.  They couldn't hold the ball onto the cone.  And if they dropped it they had to stop and do 3 jumping jacks!
An oldie but a goodie - potato sack race!
An obstacle course / relay race!
And a crowd favorite - the tug of war.  They lost, but they had a fun time!
And one last picture of Katie and Ian...sweet friends!
I'm so glad I could be there to cheer Katie on and cheer on the entire class as well!

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