Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School Prep

Just wanted to interrupt my mission to catch this blog up so that I could post about Katie and going back to school!  She was so excited to start back!  The day before school started, they had a meet and greet for us to go see her room and meet her teacher.  She and I had a couple of hours for some fun beforehand and then we met Daddy and headed to school!
Katie wanted to use the money she earned from her first lemonade stand to buy some new Shopkins!  She couldn't wait to open them and see which ones she got!
Then we went and got her nails done.  It is a must to have pretty nails for the first day of school, right? ha!
Then it was time to go!  Here she is with one of her besties - it is so fun to watch them as they grow up!  They've been friends for 5 years! Wow!
After getting her box of supplies and her field trip shirt, we headed to her class room!  There's her spot!
And her teacher is so sweet - Katie loves her! 
And I got all Pinterest-y and put together this basket for Katie to give her teacher :)  All things pink!  Some gum and nail polish and fun things paired with some school supplies! I was pretty proud of that one :)
As we were leaving, we saw her boyfriend from last year! :) I actually asked her recently if he was still her boyfriend and she informed me that he is not - but he is her "BFF" (I asked her if she knew what that meant and she did not.  So I filled her in. HA!).
After we left school, we went to eat dinner - just the 3 of us!  That never happens and it was so nice!
As we were prepping for bedtime and such, I got a text from one of my sweet friends.  It was so neat to know that other people were praying for her and her first day of school!  Amazing.

And I layed everything out!  Her backpack was ready and the sign and "1" were ready for a few pictures!
She had a great day and continues to love school!  I have orientation on Thursday night and can't wait to see what her school year will look like!

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