Thursday, August 13, 2015

Katie's Last Day of Kindergarten

Well I am finally wrapping up Katie's Kindergarten year!  It was absolutely amazing - she was so lucky to have such a great teacher and to meet some great new friends!  In fact, this first week of first grade...each day when I ask who she has played with on the playground, it seems it is all friends that were in her class last year!
I had big plans for the last day of school - I was going to make it like a fun "welcome to summer" event when they got home.  Mother Nature was not cooperative - it was actually very chilly!  So no bathing suits and no sprinklers (maybe at the end of this school year I can aim for that).
Here she is on the last day of school.  She rode the bus and it was a half day - full of nothing important I am sure :)
And one last Kindergarten year Mommy-Katie selfie! (I also like looking at this and realizing that my face is skinnier now than it was then - progress, people!)
And for goodness sakes - look how much this girl changed during her Kindergarten year!  It is just unacceptable!
And a comparison picture with holding the signs!
And one more for good measure :) Who doesn't love a good comparison picture! One thing is for sure - her hair definitely grew!  We actually ended up going a year without a haircut - she got one right before the start of first was definitely time!
And here she is!  My big first grader!  And she was freezing :)
She got to go with friends for ice cream to celebrate the end of school!  Please notice that she was wearing a FLEECE!  Towards the end of MAY!  Nuts, I tell you!
Silly kiddos.  I'd say they were excited!
More catching up to come, but I think I may also start doing some recent happenings too - like the start of school!  Maybe now I will have some time to sit down and get some posts done and get all caught up.  What's the over under on when I actually manage to catch up?  I am aiming to be caught up before .... Halloween. HA!  Maybe the end of September is even reasonable.  Only time will tell!

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