Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Time

We finally made it out for our annual adventure to the pumpkin patch!  We have done this every year since Katie was a wee one, and I look forward to it just as much each year!  I know it is going to get more and more difficult to find a time to go with sports, birthday parties, watching our teams play football, church, naptimes, etc, but I hope we make it a point to do this every year!
Our typical tradition involves a meal at Puckett's and a trip to Gentry's Farm.  Katie had a soccer game Saturday morning, so the plan was to go to that and then head to Puckett's for lunch and then the farm after that.  Well...there was a 45 minute wait at Puckett's, so we opted for a different restaurant this year.  Copper Kettle was delicious and far less crowded - perfect!
Once we got to Gentry's Farm, we had to get the annual "truck picture" -  it was somewhat successful!
 I think all three kiddos looking toward the camera equals success, don't you?
 Then it was time to go to the area where all the activities are!
 Katie couldn't wait to do the tire swing again this year!
 And Jack wanted a turn this year!  But he didn't want Daddy to let go :) 
 Cute boy!  Love his vest - and he did too...he didn't want to take it off!
 Next it was time to jump on the hayride!  Jack loved looking at the water in the pond.
 This is hilarious to me.  The sun must have been in Katie's eyes - that is what she does when I make her look near the sun for a picture.  I sure wish she was looking and smiling!  Oh well.  Real life, folks!
 I love baby cows.  And there were TONS out in the pasture!
 That farm is so beautiful - each year on the hayride I am reminded how blessed I am to live in such an amazing area that is so scenic!
 Another pretty picture - with a barn!
 This picture sums up Jack - always a blur!
And this little guy was so sweet - he slept most of the time we were there.  I know next year he will be right in the middle of it all!
 Dad and Robbin happened to be in town for a few days and came to watch Katie play soccer and ended up going to the farm with us.  Jack is crazy about Papa.  Maybe it is because they share a special goofball bond :)
 Once again.  On the move.  Always.
 Jack kept rearranging all the pumpkins on the porch of the barn.  And picking up rocks from the gravel and making a train with them :)
 Next up was playing with the corn!  I think both kids could have done this for a couple hours!
 Sweet girl looking WAY too old!
 Trying for a sweet picture but Jack was more interested in the corn.  It was also well past when he usually naps, so this was the best I would get!
 Growing like a weed.  She is about 4 feet tall...maybe even 4'1"!
 And I tried to get Jack to do this - he wasn't impressed.  He was ready to slide!
 I'm so glad this one is all mine.  It is so neat to see how she is learning and growing this year!
 I put Jack in this little area where the little guys can play and ride on these tractors.  What did he do?  Lined them up like they had parking places!  And counted them!  And then rode one around, of course!
 There's just something about this picture.  I absolutely love it!
 Finally, it was time to pick out some pumpkins before heading home for some quiet time and football.  Brad is pretty good at picking out pumpkins.  And the kids wanted in on it too!
 I think it was a unanimous decision!
 Love this one :)  They were getting their own little pumpkins!
 Here is Katie with the one she picked out!
 Jack picked one out too, but he really took a liking to the teeny one we picked out for Ryan! Ha!  He thought it was perfect to bang it on the drum and make as much noise as possible!
And then we were homeward bound.  What a great time we had!  I'm already looking forward to next year!
Want to see the posts about previous years?  Here ya go!  It is nuts how much the kiddos have grown and changed!


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