Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back to School, Losing Teeth, Funny Faces, + More

We've had a fun couple of weeks - though it seems like we were finally getting back into the routine of school and all and then we had a snow day today!  Oh well - I will take it for was nice!
The big kids when we were about to walk down to the bus stop!
And I actually caught a sweet moment in Publix!  Ryan kept loving on Jack -- I think it was because he wanted his cookie :)
And the day we got back from the mommy and me camping, it was absolutely frigid!  That didn't stop these crazies from having races down the hill!
It makes me cold to just look at these pictures - brrrr! But they had a blast!  I am going to try to do better about getting the kids outside to move around and play, even if it is 20 degrees.  Even 5 minutes outside can wear them out!  Sometimes fresh air and running around can do wonders for kids!  And really, they could care less about the temperatures - it is me that cares!
And Ryan finally figured out how to drink from a straw!  Of course it was at Chuy's -- that is where Jack figured it out too :)
I started feeling a cold coming on when we got back from the mommy and me camping, and it hit me full force last Tuesday.  After dropping off the boys, I headed straight to the doctor!  After a steroid shot and a stop at Walgreens for some Sudafed, I headed home and actually took a nap!  Since I didn't make it to my workout class, I did get outside and go for a brief walk on the trails in my neighborhood.  Sadie didn't mind one bit - she was so excited to get out and go on a walk!
And one morning last week I was getting lunchboxes packed and looked up to find both the kiddos reading.  It was amazing!  So glad they love books!
And Katie lost another tooth!  It was her first top one....and it was definitely time.  She had been eating apples for a while and they finally worked!  I love to see that hole in her smile now - she will look so old once a grown up tooth fills the space though!
And we happened to have the same outfit and I looked at Timehop before I got out of bed - so we wore it the same day a year apart! 
And the kids had some powdered donuts (with some fruit that isn't pictured, thankyouverymuch) for breakfast and Jack thought it would be fun to imitate the face that the donuts were making.  I love this picture!! What a ham.
And we headed down to the bus stop!
After dropping the boys off and working out, I headed to get a haircut!  I decided it was time to chop it off since I had so many random length hairs after so much hair falling out after having Ryan.  I think I love it!
And after school, we headed to a playground in the neighborhood.  It was such a pretty day - so glad we could spend some time running and playing!
Friday night I went out with some friends to an indoor trampoline/play place (definitely suitable for a grownup birthday celebration) and then dinner.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I cannot wait to go back. And I'm secretly SO excited that Katie wants to have her birthday party there!
Here was the whole crew!
And an action shot!
Ryan tolerated a hat on his head for a little while!  So stinking cute!
Jack kept saying he and Brad were in the "hat club" at dinner Saturday night...hilarious!
And the three ring circus at Newks...crazy Saturday night, huh!
Sunday I woke up and found this...they have been doing this for a few days now!  A huge mound of pillows and then sit in it to play or watch a show!  I'll take those sweet moments however they come!
And we headed into church!
After a stop at Target we headed home for some playtime and lunch!  Love that he cooperated for this sweet picture!
And Ryan has figured out the art of the selfie!  Love it!
Couldn't leave out this wild one!
Later in the afternoon, we got the magformers out for some building fun - it really is fun for all ages!  Brad loves them too!
Monday, Tanja came over to visit for a few minutes on her lunch break!  So fun to visit and the kids loved seeing her for sure!
That afternoon we headed to Krispy Kreme so Katie could redeem her 4s for some donuts!  I love that they reward the kids for a job well done!  I also love that Katie is a good enough student that we get to enjoy them too :)
Syd came with us - and they all loved watching them make the donuts!
And here she is with the donuts - she was so proud!
And yesterday I surprised her and showed up for lunch - it was so fun!
When she came home, the first thing Katie did yesterday was put a white crayon from school by a window - she learned that you have to do that to make it snow :)  It sort of worked!  We had a snow day today (more ice than snow - and we are supposed to get more Friday)!
What fun we've had!  Check back soon for more!

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  1. So cute and funny! We love seeing all these moments. Good job, Sis! Art with Mom soon - - and time with Uncle Will, too!