Friday, January 15, 2016

Mom + Me Camping

Last weekend Katie and I headed about an hour away for an evening of fun for Girl Scouts!  It was a Mommy and Me camping event (in a cabin - not outside!) and we had fun!  It was nice to leave those crazy boys at home!
Of course we left in time for a stop at the Krispy Kreme drive thru!  Clearly someone couldn't wait for a bite.  :)
The theme was Wizard of Oz - and our first activity was tornado making!  Who knew it would provide such entertainment?!  She still is just sitting and playing with it!
Here are some of the girls from her troop and their mamas.
And we got a picture of us!  Love this one!
Next, we headed to groom some horses (dressed up like characters from Wizard of Oz, of course) - this was the Tin Man!  So creative!
Then we headed for Katie to ride one!
She got to ride Reggie - such a sweet horse!
And the girls finished an activity and had free time, so they played on the big slide from the barn!
They got to be creative and make huge lollipops - so cool! Katie hid hers in her closet so a certain middle brother won't find it and destroy it!
Then we headed to the cabin to take our things in and get settled.  We headed back to the barn for dinner and of course got caught in hard, hard rain that was blowing sideways.  We were soaked and freezing!  So we warmed up and ate dinner and got to do all of the evening activities!
Then it was finally bedtime.  That was great - except with sleeping, for some it means snoring.  And let me just say...I have never heard snoring that loud come from any human.  Needless to say, in a big room of 15 bunk beds, and lots of snoring and restless folks, not much sleep happened for this mama!  I actually ended up with a cold when we got back from getting wet and cold and not enough sleep (and I'm sure being around new people and new germs - yuck)!  Katie loved sleeping on the top bunk!
And we woke up to a small dusting of snow!  And it was coooold!  This was when we walked up for breakfast!
And one more picture of the two of us before packing up and heading out!
I think Katie had a good time and it was nice to get away with her!  She will head back to that same place with Brad in April (at least I think so) for a Daddy Daughter camping event (they did it last year and had fun)!

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