Saturday, January 30, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance + Mommy Jack Date

This past Friday was the annual Daddy Daughter Dance at Katie's school!  It was actually scheduled for last Friday but got snowed out (just like last year) and thankfully they were able to have it last night!  I took Katie shopping a few weeks ago - whew!  If that was any insight as to what it will be like shopping for prom -- yikes!  I am fairly certain she tried on about 35 dresses.  Thankfully she really liked the only pair of shoes they had that coordinated with her dress and were in her size, so that limited the drama on that front!
I picked Katie up from school so that we would have more time to get ready (even though it would have gotten her home at the exact same time - ha)!  We went upstairs and got to work on her hair!  I was quickly reminded that I need to invest in a set of hot rollers.  My curling iron isn't the super skinny kind, so it is hard to make the kind of curls that will last in Katie's hair.  But she was excited with how it turned out and that's what mattered!
Here she is in one of the pictures that I took with the nice camera...and holy moly.  Those eyes!  She just looks incredibly grown up.  Unacceptable.
And here is the full ensemble!  She was so excited with how everything came together! 
And Katie with her date! :) They both clean up pretty good!
And the corsage that Daddy gave her.  So sweet and dainty!
They had to eat at Jonathan's because Chuy's already had a ridiculous wait when they got there!  Then off to the dance!  And apparently Katie would not even think about dancing with Brad until the last song (literally).  She danced with her friends a ton!  I asked her why she wanted to run around with her friends there even though she sees them every day -- her response?  "Because I always have to do math and stuff at school!"  I get it.  That's so tough for a 6 year old!  She did promise Brad she would do better next time :)  Here are some of the pictures Brad sent me from the evening!  Dancing girl!  He also sent me a video of her doing the whip nae nae with some sass! HA!
And while they were out having a blast, I took Jack out on our first Mommy-Jack Date!  He picked Newks for dinner because he wanted mac and cheese.  At the end we split a piece of cake and he wanted to sit next to me for that part. :) Then I made some suggestions about activities (I knew he'd fall asleep in a movie that late and we were full so a trampoline park was not a good idea)...he picked going to Petsmart to look at the animals!  We had so much fun wandering around!  Since we were nearby, I suggested we go to Home Depot next...he sat on every single riding lawnmower they had!  And last stop was Starbucks for some hot chocolate!  We had several dance parties in the car and just had a blast together!  I can't wait to do it again!
In case you may be interested in comparing Daddy Daughter Dance pictures, you can find the post I did about last year's night out {here}!


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