Thursday, January 28, 2016

Matching, Posing, + Climbing: Our Day Today

This post is unusual on several accounts - I actually got my nice camera out this morning, I used it instead of my phone to take pictures, and I am doing a blog post with said pictures on THE SAME DAY, folks!  Watch out! :)
Katie was so thrilled at her outfit when I showed her the other night - and then she about lost it when I showed her I got her the matching American Girl doll outfit.  Looks like we are officially in this phase.  Anywho.  She told me yesterday  morning that she wasn't going to talk at school at all so that she could get on pink (the best behavior level) and pick a bring-a-toy-to-school card from the treasure box (also: I understand that is a bit dramatic....clearly that is not what is required for achieving pink -- doing the right thing, helping a friend, doing work quietly when asked, etc is what it takes)!  When she got home from school yesterday, she was busting at the seams because SHE GOT ON PINK!!!!
Last night I wasn't home for bedtime routine which means I wasn't here to lay out Katie's clothes.  I went in this morning to find her doll dressed and Katie's undershirt and boots out to match (she couldn't find her top or pants)!  I was so impressed and of course she had it all planned out.  She even asked me to do a little side braid in her hair so that they'd truly match (she took Julie)!  AND she didn't complain about picture taking!  Win!
 And here is the full body look - Katie even commented that she picked these boots for herself because they were the lightest brown she had in order to match most effectively!
 And Jack posed himself for this picture - ha!  He got his hair cut a couple nights ago and MAN does it make him look so old!  He really seems like he is chilling out some - he is helpful and has bouts of craziness (rather that constant craziness) and is so sweet and loving.  Of course he has had his moments, but I sure am hoping we are exiting the "threenager" stage of life!  In the mornings he has been getting up early so he can come cuddle with me (I would prefer he give me about 30 more minutes of sleep, but I know I will miss it one day)!
 And I love this picture!  Sweet boy!
 And since I got some pictures of the biggest kiddos, I ran outside with Ryan before we loaded up for school and snapped a couple!  He actually sat still on the chair for some pictures - amazing!  His little personality is shining bright these days and is so cute!  He loves to sit and read books and love firetrucks and construction equipment and trains (ha - wonder where he got that from)!  He loves Sadie (sometimes too much).  And he loves to eat.  HA!  He is a little tank!  He also is more of a climber, for now at least.  He likes to climb up and sit on top of the train table.  And just this evening he climbed on a kitchen chair and then stood up and climbed on the kitchen table and was walking around.  Yikes!
And while this isn't a smile, I think his expression here is so funny!  I wonder what silly thing I was doing to try to get a smile.  And I also wonder what he was thinking.  Maybe it is best that I don't know :)
And there you have it!  The three ring circus in picture this morning!  And they all had school - hooray!  I actually didn't work out because I had to go to the orthodontist to have something fixed.  It was so nice to run some errands (including going in a local store that I have been wanting to go to for so long), surprising Katie for lunch, and then coming home to put clean clothes up and take care of some things (in a quiet house).  And then I made poppyseed chicken for dinner while Katie was at her girl scout meeting - I hadn't made that in forever and boy was it good! Now - sweet silence.  :)


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