Thursday, January 7, 2016

We Survived

I think I may have heard a deep sigh of relief (or even a Hallelujah Chorus) coming from the area as today was the first day back to school.  And we survived break!  Having all three kiddos home is no joke, that is for sure.  I did enjoy having them home and it stretched my patience level on multiple occasions!  But man, oh man is it good to get back into a routine.  And school for the littles. 
Katie packed in as many sleepovers as possible into the last few days of Christmas break!  She had a sleepover with Cee Cee, with Nanny + Papa, and then a few days later with Grandma at Brad's aunt and uncle's house!  I know she had a blast and loves having that special time with everyone!  Here she is before going to Cee Cee's house in one of her new outfits she got for Christmas!
Saturday, before we went to pick her up, we stopped at the park to let the boys run around some!  I think we are going to just have to bundle up and suck it up so the kids can run around and get fresh air.  They could care less that it is chilly - we are the ones that would rather not!
Sunday, Brad and I took the boys to church and then met at the park to get Katie back!  It was a little chilly, but they ran around enough to be aokay!  That evening we went to a place with drive thru Christmas lights.  The music was so fun and the lights were amazing!  The kids had a great time - aside from the fact that Katie started crying and moaning that her gums hurt - and then her ear.  So we ended up heading to urgent care and she was diagnosed with a severe ear infection!  Never dull!
Thankfully even after one dose of meds and some Motrin, she felt a lot better.  We ended up spending Monday at home between Katie and Jack -- he woke up with pink eye!  Sheesh!  They both had colds and I guess the colds just settled differently in their bodies.  We have survived the eye drops, but goodness it is not fun!
Tuesday it was back to the workout grind.  I went to kickboxing (which I happen to be incredible sore from still) - love getting back into my routine!
Nothing like some close-to-naked time!  He made a HUGE mess at lunch, so he ran around like this for a while before he went down for a nap.
And some snuggling - I love that Sadie was snuggling with the stuffed doggy!
Jack looked so grown up yesterday - his hair looked different, he seemed taller, and he had new shoes on that made him look older (and no - I don't have a clue how shoes made him look older, but they did!).
And I attempted a picture of the brothers before we headed to the Y, and this was the best I could get.  Real life, folks!  Another reason Jack looked older? I think he has gotten taller (as evidenced by the fact that his pants clearly look way too short)!
And today was back to school time.  Katie came home SO TALKATIVE - I swear she has never come home that happy and willing to tell me about her day!  It was such a nice change!  And Jack had a good day (but of course was being mischievous when I picked him up) -- so glad his eye is better!  Ryan had a big time at school - before Christmas he would get to the top of the slide and whine until someone helped him down.  Well, he finally decided to be a big boy at school and go down the slide himself - what a stinker!  He loves going down slides at home and at the park -- I have no idea why he decided to wait this long to do the slide at school!

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