Monday, March 28, 2016

Bunnies + Choo Choos: 2016 Edition

Last Friday we made our annual trip to a local toy store that has bunnies!  They change the theme of the bunny area this year, and this year it was in honor of all of the construction all over Nashville!  There were bunny highrises and cranes and funny signs - it was perfect!  And Cee Cee got to go with us again this year - we missed her last year so we made sure she could go with us this year!
Here are the kiddos before we headed out.  We had been at the beach up until that day, so I think they were not enjoying the cooler temps we had that day.
And when my mom got in the car with us, she had some goodies for the kids from my Meme -- they were a hit!  The kids loved the little foam fans...and of course the M&Ms inside!
All of the kids had a blast playing with train tables and marble runs and watching the model trains they have on display.  I think Ryan would have stayed all day to watch the trains!  We will be going back for sure.  Except the departure was less than pleasant.  I'd say it is still worth it though!
Katie actually took a moment away from the marble run and took a selfie!  I tried a selfie with Ryan but he was too obsessed with the trains :)
And both kids holding bunnies before we left!  The bunnies were so patient - and so cute!
So glad the kids still love going to see the bunnies!  And we managed to make it out of there without the kids coming home with new toys (though I may have snuck to the counter and bought a few new books for them - I am a sucker for new books!)...success!
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