Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break on 30A: Day 1 (Travel Day)

I am pretty impressed - it hasn't been a month since spring break and I am already starting to blog about it! Has to be better than last year :)  My goal is to finish the posts before Katie's birthday.  I think that is completely doable! 
On Katie's spring break, we headed down to the panhandle of Florida and stayed in Santa Rosa Beach.  It was absolutely fantastic -- aside from the chilly, windy weather.  We still managed plenty of beach time and some swimming (yay for heated pools), but it would have been great if it had been less windy and about 10 degrees warmer!  This is what my packing looked like - bathing suits and tanks with fleeces and sweatshirts!
And something else to point out...we were trying to be very precise and efficient with our packing (which means ... no overpacking!) so that we didn't have a lot of extra stuff in the car.  I had made piles for each kiddo and I had to pack all of their things in minimal amounts of space.  I got the vast majority of that stuff packed and ready!  I was so proud - probably my best packing to date!  Katie and Jack were packed in the carry-on suitcase and Ryan was packed in the backpack!
The next morning we were up and loaded and pulled off our street at 8:23.  Not too shabby for 3 grownups and 3 kiddos!
We made it with only ONE stop on the way!  Boy was the traffic awful.  We were all thrilled to arrive!  Love this picture of my sweet kiddos!
And let me just say how difficult it is to get a picture of all 3 kids looking and smiling after they have been in the car all day and are so happy to see the beach.  Ha!  Take a look at each of them, a different child is not looking at the camera.  Jack, Ryan, and then Katie! 
Katie was SO excited to finally be there!
And this was the first trip where Jack loved every single moment of sand and ocean!  Sweet boy!
And of course Ryan loved throwing sand - silly guy.  I was worried he wouldn't like the sand.  Luckily, there was no need to worry!
Whoa! A sweet moment documented!  They do happen from time to time :)
And they would have gone in up to their waists if I had let them!
We made it!  Beach selfie!
And Brad with his momma!  So glad she got to go with us!
After unloading and getting things settled in a little, we headed to dinner.  We ended up grabbing pizza at Bruno's pizza and it was delicious!  We got a lot of food, but we ended up having leftovers for lunch while we were there!  We sat outside and there was someone singing - the kids were in a trance!  After we finished eating, the kids danced for a few minutes before heading back to the condo.  Katie and Ryan especially loved it...and Jack made up his own one-legged dance!
Once we got back, I headed out to the grocery store (just what you want to do after being in the car all day) so we would have enough things for breakfast and lunch while we were there. 
Check back for days 2-6...coming soon! :)

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