Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Break on 30A: Day 2

The first morning we were there, we got up and had an easy morning -- breakfast, some shows, relaxing.  It needed to warm up just a little outside!  Ryan was checking things out - and in that first picture, I can still hear him saying, "OUTSIIIIIIIIDE!"  And yes - he slept in the closet of the master was amazing!  Just the right size for him!
And then we finally made out to the beach after everyone changing and getting all lotioned up -- no sunburns for us!  My immediate thought with this picture was, "HOW ON EARTH DOES KATIE LOOK SO OLD!?!?"  I think it is the hand on the hip (which I should be used to seeing these days).
And Jack couldn't wait to get his feet in the ocean!  It was pretty chilly, but that didn't stop him!  The shirt reads "big trouble in a little shirt" -- Jack for sure!
Ryan was still a fan! Yay!  I know I said it on the day 1 post, but I was so glad that he loved the beach (even if it did involve throwing the sand a little)!
And I managed to get a picture with Katie!  There as definite complaining, but she knew what was best for her :)
The beaches of 30A are most definitely my happy place.  I can just feel a huge difference in stress and all of that once I arrive.  
We took a little walk up the beach and back and there was a sandbar super close to the beach, so we walked out there and Brad's mom took our picture.  This one will definitely be going in a frame.  Beautiful water and a pretty good picture of all of us!
And they all played nicely (for the most part)!
Ryan went and sat with Brad to just hang out.  Sweet boy!
And it did get warm enough to break free of the cover up (though it was pretty windy)!  Like how I had Katie stand in just the right place to block some of me? :)
After playing for a while at the beach, we headed inside for some lunch.  Ryan ended up napping and Jack had some quiet time.  That meant it was time to head to the pool!  I took my own kind of sippy cup for some relaxation poolside!
Brad's mom offered to stay inside since it was so windy, so that meant Brad could come out to the pool with us!  Katie kept seeing this shark toy and did several double takes thinking it was real!  Well, Brad grabbed it and acted like it was getting her - she squealed so loudly!
Since it was spring break, we knew we would be heading to dinner at an early hour (even earlier than our normal early eating)!  After a bit at the pool, we got ready and headed out to dinner! Sweet kiddos!
We ended up at the Great Southern -- easily my most favorite restaurant in that area!  The coconut mojito is AMAZING and those Grits A Ya Ya...oh my word.  My favorite to say the least!
Ryan was having fun - sitting on the patio but not getting blown away by the wind!
Love this picture of me and 2 of the 3...sweet kiddos!
And of course we had to stop for ice cream next door - even if it was pretty chilly!  And it just so happened that Katie matched the ice cream scoops! Ha!
Jack loved his choices!  Looked pretty delicious to me too!
And we saw a beautiful sunset on the way home...I actually asked Brad to pull the car over so I could take a picture.  This one was definitely my favorite!
That first full day down there was amazing!  Such a nice trip and good timing to rejuvenate! 


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