Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring Break on 30A: Day 3

Here we go - back to the spring break recap!  Day 3 of the trip was chillllllly!  Of course that didn't stop the kiddos from playing in the sand -- it just required sleeves and pants and even jackets!  Thankfully the sun was out, so that helped.  But it was still chilly!  Once again, we waited a little while before we headed out that morning.  The kiddos got some quality time watching shows :)  I even managed to get a picture of them sitting together nicely!
Love this of Katie checking things out.  She still splashed around in the ocean even though it was chilly!
Same goes for Jack!  Love this -- someone had built a big sand mountain and he loved standing on top pretending to be the king!
I can never get enough of these beaches and ocean colors.  The water was pretty calm and absolutely gorgeous!
I'd say Brad was cold - ha!  He still put his feet in the water and played (just like the kids)!
Another shot of King Jack - but with the water behind him!
And Ryan loved it - I know I have already mentioned it, but I am so glad that he loves the beach!  At his age, Jack was very unsure of the sand and all of that, but Ryan digs on in!  Well, actually he grabs handfuls and tosses them...details. :)
And one more -- because why not!
Love this middle child of mine!  He has gotten over his hesitancy with  the sand - he loves it!
I am not sure what Ryan was looking at -- or maybe he was just attempting to throw sand towards the ocean.  But I love this pic -- just look at that sandy booty!
Strike a pose.  Model baby.
I don't remember what Katie was trying to build here, but clearly she was loving it!
My beach bums!
A Mommy-Daddy selfie! You know it is chilly if I have long sleeves on when I am at the beach!
Katie and Brad started finding clams as the waves washed up on the beach.  They ended up with a bunch!
Daddy and the big kids!
And Grandma went down to the beach with us every morning - we were all so glad that she could come with us!
The kids (and especially Brad) were so fascinated by the clams and the things wiggling around!
They were all checking it out!
As long as my feet are this close to the ocean, life is good.  I also love my blue toenails :)
And another shot of the beautiful ocean as I was walking back in for lunch!
These were the condos we stayed in -- ours was on the first floor on the very right corner.  Perfect access to the pool and beach and not having to deal with stairs was amazing!
After lunch, it was time for Katie and I to head out to the pool!  It had warmed up enough to wear it was bearable to sit out in the sun - and for her to get in the water!
And me soaking up some rays!  I did a lot better this time with wearing sunscreen!
Another day, another mommy sippy cup.  It would have been better had they come with built in koozies, because the wine did not stay chilled very long!
Love these series of pictures of Katie jumping in!  She has the longest legs -- she looks like a frog here!  Especially in the middle picture!
After the time at the pool, we headed inside and got ready for dinner!  The kiddos got cleaned up (which also made it nice when we got back - they could play and go to bed and not deal with bathtime then)!  Jack looked rather handsome - and I loved that outfit on him!
And a pic of the big kids - they do a good job of cooperating for a quick picture (most of the time)!
Sweet girl :)  She is really growing up these days.
And then there's this one.  He is at probably the most challenging age for pictures.  So this will have to do :)  Soon enough he will understand that concept of cooperating and getting a picture over with!
When Brad is willing to help me and get them to smile, the results are great!  Love this picture!
That night we went to Local Catch for dinner - it was great!  We tried the previous night but they had a band playing and it was covered up!  Glad we went when it was a downtime - the kids could be loud and no one cared :)
And a few pictures from dinner!
And when we got back from dinner, it was almost sunset, so we walked to the boardwalk and got to see the sun go down!  It was so beautiful.
Just after the sunset, we looked out and saw what had to be over 30 dolphins swimming along the shore (super close!) and putting on a show.  I have never seen anything like it!  They were leaping out of the water and one in particular was spinning and flipping and doing all kinds of neat things.  It was truly amazing!  And I think Katie really liked it - when I read one of her papers from school that asked questions about spring break, she wrote about seeing the dolphins!


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  1. What a great day! Any day at the beach is amazing, chilly or not!