Monday, June 6, 2016

Katie's Last Day of First Grade

Hooray!  My goal was to post about Katie's last day less than a month after the fact -- and even better would be to get it posted before Ryan's birthday!  And I am two for two!  At the beginning of first grade I thought Katie looked so mature and grown up.  Well.  Looking at the first and last day comparison pictures has definitely proven me wrong on that front!  Goodness - just look at how much she changed!
And another comparison picture - this time without the signs!  Her hair also grew a lot during the school year!
Jack made sure he was ready to head down to the bus stop with us for her last bus ride of the year.  He loves to wave to the driver - and the driver often tooted the horn at him!  So nice.
And shortly after she went to school, it was time for me to head over to get things set up for the end of the year party!  The room mom was not able to be there because of something at work, so she asked me to step in.  THANK GOODNESS BRAD CAME.  Wow.  I left the main items at home, so he saved the day!  It was a luau theme and the kids made ice cream sundaes.  I left the ice cream and toppings at home - ha!  But all was well and I think the kids enjoyed it!  Here I am with Katie.  We had a cool spell that week - so odd!
And her sweet class!
And Katie with her teacher.  She missed her within a couple days - thankfully we see her at church too though!  Katie really blossomed this year and rocked first grade.  I certainly don't judge anything or anyone, especially by test scores, but I have to say...she was on FIRE this year!  I am so proud of her hard work and focus!
When we were leaving, we saw Ian, so of course I had to grab a quick picture of the two crazies!
And we went to tell her teacher from kindergarten hello and happened to see Stella too!  What fun!
After I took Jack to swim lessons (heated pool, thank goodness), I picked Katie up and we ran some errands....including a hair cut!  She needed a good cut.  And I think that's why she looks so dang old these days.  But it is perfect - her hair was so stringy and would get tangled so easily.  This is a great length on her!
And we celebrated the start to summer with dinner at Newks!  And this is what it was like trying to get a picture of all three! Ha!  Real life for sure!
We have had a great summer full of fun things already.  Though some moments I am already wishing school would start, I am trying my hardest not to wish away time.  I have enjoyed having Katie around more, and I know the boys have too!  Yay summer!

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