Sunday, June 5, 2016

Katie's School Events

Katie had a big time at school this year - she loved first grade!  She had a great teacher and sweet class!  I cannot believe it is already over!  She did great with the first grade music program - here is dressed up and ready to head to school for their performance for the entire school!
And then they had a performance that evening for family.  I was so proud of her!  No speaking parts this year, but she had a blast!
Grandma and Cee Cee came too!
I also got to go with her on the last field trip of the year.  We headed to a farm (actually it is the farm that we go to each Halloween to pick our pumpkins out and have a fall fun day) - it was a beautiful day!  It had rained a lot that week, so it was a little muddy, but we couldn't ask for better weather that day!
Love this picture! :)
And of course the cows were my favorite part!  The kids all got ears of corn to throw off the hayride and the cows came running.  I loved it!
They also had their Derby Run!  It is a fundraiser for the school - you get people to sponsor each lap you run (or one time donation).  She did one more lap than in Kindergarten - improvement!  And I ran with was a blast!
An action shot :)
They also had a themed week of dress up -- hat day, sock day, wacky day, and one other...all leading up to the favorite book character day / parade!
She really got some mileage out of those butterfly wings from Halloween -- between Halloween, her school program, and then this favorite book character day!
And then of course there was Field Day!  What perfect weather she had!  It was a few days before school was out for the summer, so all the kids were excited!  Look how long her legs are in that picture from the Tug of War!
I love being able to go and help out with all of the events her school does.  I'm so glad she goes to a school full of great kids, amazing teachers, and supportive families!

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