Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ryan turns TWO: The Big Day

This past week has been all about the birthday boys!  We started last Wednesday celebrating Ryan's second birthday, then had a joint party on Saturday, and then today is Jack's fourth birthday!  Unbelievable!

Just look at these sweet pictures of Ryan!  Newborn, first birthday, and then second birthday.
We started off the morning singing happy birthday to him!  Can't you tell by looking at Brad? Ha!
Just look at that sweet thing!  The only way I can get a good picture of him is if I let him climb on things.  Oh man.  Of course the third child would be a climber!
And I got a picture of the brothers together before we headed out for the morning!  Not too shabby - and I apologize to my neighbors if they happened to drive by and witness me acting a fool to get a smile!
While Katie was at camp, I took the boys to the zoo!  Ryan loved it and actually did a great job walking a lot of the way!  Next time I will definitely be taking the wagon so both boys have a spot to sit - Jack got hot and tired quick!
I let the boys ride the train for the first time since it was Ryan's birthday (and since I added unlimited rides on things to our membership - will come in handy!)...they thought it was great!  Mom found it to be lame, but as long as they were happy.... :)
There was a big alligator in the tank this time and the boys had a blast looking at it!
Cee Cee went with us!  We ventured over to the giraffe area and took a little break -- here she is loving on the boys!
The boys had had enough, so we headed out.  After we took Cee Cee to her car, we went to have a quick lunch with Brad!  I figured Ryan would enjoy lunching next to the train at Centennial Park, so that's what we did!  They were both too distracted to eat a good lunch, but at least they had fun!
Daddy walked over to join us!
And I snuck a picture with the birthday boy too!
After we got a little food in them, Brad walked them over to check out the train.  That never gets old for little boys!
When Ryan got up from his nap, he walked right on over to the presents and helped himself.  Ha!
Katie picked out a new book for him - he wanted her to read it to her immediately!
That night it was Jim and Nick's for dinner - Ryan loves their cheesy biscuits!  Here he is stuffing one in!  We actually did that on his birthday last year too - but we picked it up to have at home because the weather was awful.  I called the restaurant because they forgot to put the cheesy rolls in -- and they had someone DELIVER A our the rain!  Somehow it came up that it was Ryan's birthday and they wanted to make it right.  How amazing!  I didn't even call for that reason...I just wanted them to make sure whoever was packing bags was sure to pay closer attention to others' orders! 
What a great birthday this dude had!  More to come - including a little 2 year post with his stats and a few other things, Jack's birthday post, a party post...lots of fun!


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