Thursday, January 29, 2009

26 Weeks Picture

Well, here is the latest belly pic! It was taken on Monday, so I was exactly 26 weeks. This week my back has started hurting pretty badly. I am sure it is related to the fact that I am carrying extra weight around up front. Baby is moving a LOT - every night before I go to sleep I lay there and watch my belly jump around. It is really neat to be able to feel her moving around in there and then to see my belly jump around too! I think my body is getting tired of only having two options of sleep positions - my hips and shoulders are starting to ache from only being able to sleep on the sides (even though I pack myself in with all types of pillows and blankets). Oh well, in the whole scheme of life, this is just a blip, and it is completely worth the discomfort! :)

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