Thursday, January 29, 2009

On A More Random Note...

Isn't our sweet Sadie just so cute?? :) We had our house all in disarray because we got our hardwood floors refinished. She was so confused because we had to move everything off of the hardwood floors (yes, I will admit...I think I might be nesting) so that they could do their job. So here she is between our leather chair and our kitchen table and a bookcase - all in one space!

I know, kind of random to have a picture like this of myself on here. I just wanted to point out that I did go to Sephora and exchange makeup. When I got the new makeup in Phoenix, it made me look ghostly pale in pictures, so I was able to exchange for 2 shades darker (and new mascara, and I also bought new lipgloss and bronzer...ha). Here I was practicing in pictures to make sure I didn't still look like a ghost :)

When I was in Phoenix, Robbin and I went to paint pottery. Well, she mailed me the pieces that I did while I was there. I have to say, typically, my pieces do not turn out nearly as cute as I think they will. Usually the colors are dull or not thick enough or it just looks like a weird combination of colors once everything is set. This venture seemed to have a different result as I am thrilled with all 3 pieces! The cross is for the nursery, as is the picture frame (aren't the speckles fun?!). The tile with the swirly heart may just be for decoration - not really sure yet. Maybe I will hot glue a ribbon to it and hang it up in the kitchen - that may be cute. Or I could put it on a little stand in the guest room - it matches in there too. Hm! Anyway, I was quite proud, so I wanted to share.


  1. I love to paint pottery! I go to Brushfire in GH all the time.....we should go!!! Everyone got pottery for Christmas this year!