Wednesday, August 5, 2009

14 Weeks Today!

Holy moly! I am actually posting on the actual day! Anyways, today it has been 14 weeks since Sweet Pea entered the world. Just the other day I was looking back at pictures of the end of my pregnancy and at the is still hard to believe that a baby grew in my belly! She definitely has grown and changed throughout these weeks. She has started sticking her tongue out a lot and sucking on her hand also. When I put her on her playmat to kick and play, she used to just swat at the she is actually grabbing them and trying to hold on! She is doing better sitting in her Bumbo chair and is SO close to rolling over. Everyday I think she's going to do it...and she comes so close! We are still practicing and hopefully she will get it soon! Whenever I walk up, her face just lights up...and the same for when Brad walks up to her. She is doing a GREAT job sleeping in her crib. She is actually napping in there right now! Last night she was in bed and asleep by 8:45, which makes me happy. She slept until 5:45 and was hungry. After I fed her, she went back to sleep til 8:45. Not too shabby! Here she is showing off that adorable grin :)

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  1. Isn't it the best feeling when their face lights up when they see you? It makes everything worthwhile!