Sunday, August 2, 2009

These Are All Mine?!

Last Saturday (yes, like a week and a day ago - I am a little bit behind on posting), we went to the pool with some friends. Baby K wore a bathing suit that was mine when I was a baby and had a hair clip (I love that she has hair I can put a clip in) that matched. Another one of my friends makes these hair clips for infants and toddlers and they are adorable. I got several of each and can't wait for Baby K to wear them! Anyways, before loading up and heading out, we played on the floor for a little while. I put her wrist rattles on and it was the first time that I really noticed her checking out her hands, as if she was saying to herself, "These fun things are all mine??!"...adorable. Sadie was also on the floor with us and curious about the wrist rattles. I think that picture of the two of them is so cute. I love how our little girl is starting to really explore her hands and fun.

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