Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet Girl at 15 Weeks

I know, I know...I was going to try to stop doing weekly pictures but I just couldn't handle it. Baby K was looking so cute this morning, so of course I got the camera out. And the pictures turned out so cute, so of course I had to post a couple of them :) Needless to say, today she is 15 weeks! This afternoon I worked on putting up all the 0-3 month clothes and washing and reorganizing her 3-6 month clothes! I can't believe she is already big enough for those clothes. As I was taking the tags off of some of them, I could remember when I bought a couple of the outfits - before I was even pregnant! And now I have a precious baby that is actually wearing them. Wow. I am so blessed. Sweet Pea is still loving playing with toys...and her burp cloth. When she sleeps at night, she is in a sleep sack and has one of those lovies (the kind that is a little blanket with a cute animal on it too) that she holds onto. Absolutely adorable! She is making all kinds of noises now and continues to just light up whenever Brad or I get down on the floor to play with her. As I posted previously, she also rolled over this past week! She hasn't done it since, but I know she will soon - we have been really busy running around and getting fresh air! On a walk today, I put her in the stroller rather than in her carrier in the stroller and she did great. I also just put her in the stroller when we went to the mall and she loved laying down squirming around. I am sure it is nice to get out and lay down as opposed to being cramped in that carrier when we are out and about. Baby K is such a sweet girl and we love her so much!

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