Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ruff Ruff

I've always wondered at what age kiddos find their "lovey" or favorite stuffed animal. Well, it appears that Katie has found hers! Ever since her first birthday party, she has loved snuggling with her little stuffed dog, which she calls "Ruff Ruff"! This cute little dog was part of the decor at one of my baby showers, so I love that she loves it. I have also gone ahead and ordered two more of them in case this Ruff Ruff is lost, gets too dirty, etc.

Every morning after she eats breakfast, she walks over to her chair and loves on Ruff Ruff. She hugs him, gives him kisses, shakes him around...precious! She has yet to sleep with Ruff Ruff - she has what we call her "lovey" (one of those little blankets attached to an animal head) that she sleeps with. She also really likes the bunny and the doggy ones of those (we also have a lamb). Her love for these stuffed animals has just developed over the last couple of months. I still have a lot of my stuffed animals from when I was little - I wonder when she will want to play with those?!

So excited to see Ruff Ruff

Giving Ruff Ruff a kiss

"Look, Mom! It's Ruff Ruff!!"

She loves staring at Ruff Ruff, talking to her, and then giving her a great big hug

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