Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Fun with Friends

The Friday before Father's Day, we got together with some friends to play outside and do a craft! Once our friends arrived, we visited for a few minutes and even let the kids play together in the pack n play.
Then we headed out to the garage to do some finger-painting. It was definitely an interesting experience, and I'm not so sure Katie enjoyed her first time painting (though the end product was great!)

Once I reminded her what she was supposed to be doing, she did do a little bit of painting.

And here was the final product!

After that, we decided to get the little kiddy pool out and let them rinse off and play. That was quite interesting as well. After a few minutes of fun, they decided they wanted to just walk around. At this point, we decided to pack it up and head to the neighborhood pool!

I just love this picture of Katie!

And in this one, it looks like Katie has no idea what in the world her buddy is doing. (I will remind her of this many times - us ladies don't always understand the guys!)

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