Thursday, July 15, 2010

West Coast Fun

Well, I know I've been somewhat MIA. I wanted to do a quick post while I am out here on the west coast and talk about some of the fun we have been having! Not to worry - I will do a proper post when I get home and have a chance to upload all the fun pictures. For now, a few comments and stories will have to do.

Last weekend we flew to San Diego and had a blast! The weather there is amazing - mid 60's during the day and it was amazing. While we were there, we went to the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, and drove out to Coronado Island. We ate some good food and really enjoyed our long weekend there. Katie was also a champ - when we flew out there, she was GREAT on the plane ride. It was four hours - and thank GOODNESS they had a few extra seats on the plane so we could install her carseat and she had her own space. Once we got there and settled in, it was 1 AM before she went to sleep! She really had fun seeing Shamu and also the monkeys and elephants at the zoo.

Sunday afternoon, after dropping Brad off in Costa Mesa (and walking around Newport Beach) for a week-long training, we flew to Phoenix with Dad and Robbin. We have been having a blast! We have done some shopping, some swimming, and lots of relaxing. Katie is really wanting to learn how to swim - she is doing great going underwater and really kicking her legs when we put her in "swim position". She also loves baby dolls. Whenever I hold one of the babies, she backs her hiney up and sits in my cute. She also has found her favorite hiding spot at Nanny and Papa's house! She has gone swimming every night, which has lead to a later bedtime. But she is sleeping great and has really gotten used to the time change. I think she is still working on getting used to the climate change - today's high was 112!!! She has said "yeah", "baby", "boo", "mi" (milk), "bo" (boat) and is such a ham. I know I've said that before, but she continues to confirm that fact! When we are swimming, she loves to watch airplanes in the sky.

It will be nice to sleep in our own beds, but we are having a great time being away from home. We can't wait to Brad flies here after he takes his test - this is a long time without being around him! Now, I think I am going to bed - I am exhausted after chasing Katie around and swimming! Goodnight for now :)

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