Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas List

I wanted to quickly note these few things so I don't forget!  Katie has been hilarious the last couple of days!  I have been trying to prep her for her annual visit and picture with Santa - we will see if that actually worked.  And she "talked to him" on the phone tonight too!  So far, she has had very different answers when asked what she wants from Santa.  First, it was a canoe.  Then a reindeer.  And then a kangaroo.  And last, a camera.  Silly girl.  We are visiting the jolly fellow tomorrow - wish us luck!

Oh, and tonight was the first time I have seen her pretend to hold something.  She said she was going shopping for some leaves (my mom used leaves one time when they were playing outside and going grocery shopping).  She ran to a closet door and pretended to pick off some leaves (off of the door) and brought me one in each hand.  Then she did the same for Brad and Sadie and herself.  I love that her imagination is so great!

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