Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Have You Shopped Yet?

So, with my birthday only two days away, I thought I'd give you all some ideas for shopping for my birthday! :) Who doesn't love creating a "wish list"?? I know I love it :)
{I really want a sewing machine - even if the one I've borrowed is still in a box in my closet!  At least it could be my own still in its box in the closet!}

 {I would LOVE a Kindle Fire!  I've been wanting an e-reader for quite some time, so it's way overdue!}
 {And who can have an e-reader and not get a fabulous looking cover??? Love this one!}
{And of course I love these Uggs!  And thanks go Katie being a blabbermouth, I think this is a success!! My feet will my warm and oh so cute this winter!} 
{I really love any type of perfume, but this one smelled good and has a cute name! OH! And it has dots on the bottle...it is meant to me!}

 {And when all else fails, Target gift cards are totally the answer!  I can get ANYTHING at Target!}
{And if you prefer the old-fashioned way, straight cash works too!}

I hope 48 hours is enough time for you to shop! :) Only kidding...I just thought it would be fun to do a wish list post.  Are there things you are asking for for Christmas or any other upcoming holiday?  Please do share - I am always open to ideas and suggestions!! Oh, and if it includes a cutesy camera strap, don't forget to visit my giveaway HERE!

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