Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Lunch

Since Katie doesn't have Mom's Day Out next week because of Thanksgiving. her class had a little celebration yesterday! It was such a great day (mainly because it was my birthday - another post to come on that one) and we had so much fun seeing Katie in her element at school.  She started the day loving on Sadie.
 When Brad and I got there, the kids were out on the playground.  It was so neat to observe Katie - she was making sure all the kids made it down the slide safely.  So cute!  Then we went and waited on her in her classroom.  She had the biggest smile when she walked into the room and saw us there!  Then she got back to her regular routine - sitting on her spot on the mat and waiting to eat.
 Such a good girl - and she told me she sat on a red square!  A little side story...when we got there, her teachers said they had set the table to get ready for the little party.  Katie must have known it wasn't time to eat, so she picked up all the lunch containers and stacked them at the end of the table.  Silly girl - but that is our girl for sure!
 And then it was time to dig in! She loved having us sit with her at her little table!
 Love this picture - so fun!
 And then they had a craft for the parents to do with the kids - Brad was hard at work here :)
 Daddy-o and his sweet girl - love it!
 And they had a big GIVE THANKS banner with all the kids' pictures on it - here, Katie is pointing to her picture!
What a fun, fun lunch!  It is so fun to see her interact with her friends and teachers!

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