Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Successful Trick or Treating

First, I have to say trick or treating with a 2.5 year old is so much better than an 18 month old!  She totally got it this year - and LOVED it!  She loved going to each house, ringing the doorbell, and saying Trick or Treat! Though most of the time, she just looked up and held her pumpkin bowl out!  Whatever her trick was....it worked!  She loaded up!  Here are some pictures from our night out in the neighborhood. 
 The basket of goodies I left on the front porch.  I know they lasted at least an hour - it was definitely empty when we got back.  And I didn't put out the Reeses I bought ... those are mine :)
 Heidi the crazy driver!  She wanted to drive around after she got ready!
 Ready to head out.  We went next door and ate chili before heading outside. It was delicious - such a fun tradition! And Katie and Stella were both Heidi / German girls / Bavarian Princesses.  Jill and Lewis went to Germany over the summer and brought these adorable dresses back!
 And of course we had to take some pics of the girls before we headed out!  Gosh - if we are like this on Halloween, I can't imagine their first dance, prom, etc! Ha!
 Such a cute little Heidi!
 She loved trucking along to all the houses.  And I love that she was super careful about walking when there were cars around.  That's my girl.
 Our first stop (our neighbors on the other side!)..."Trick Or Treat!"
 Katie decided to help herself!  Oh dear...
 And she loved ringing the doorbells.  We had to make sure she only rang them once.
 Katie and Stella getting some good loot!
 Holding Daddy's hand - I love pictures like this!
 And Katie and Stella held hands between a couple houses - adorable!  Brad was making sure that Katie let Stella walk on the sidewalk with her :)
 My FAVORITE picture of the night - such a sweet, cute girl.  I love her so much!
 Our neighbors near us get together in a driveway and hand out candy together and are all decorated.  They even had these ghosts that lit up and "danced" around - Katie was so interested in them!  She loved making sure they stayed on!
 And we were done!  Stella kept taking candy from the bowl at her house and putting it in Katie's pumpkin!  Hey...I'm not complaining - means Momma has more to choose from...
 SO cute!  They had a great time trick or treating together!
And of course - the digging into the candy.  Katie ate a Milky Way and some fruit snacks.  She had such fun this year - can't wait to see what future Halloweens will be like!

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