Friday, November 11, 2011

Still Playing Catch Up

I wanted to post just a few random thoughts....

1) Last night, Katie went into our neighbor's bathroom and started brushing her teeth with Lewis' toothbrush.  Hilarious.  He probably didn't find it quite as funny as Jill and I did. And to justify it, she had just had a bath, so the normal next step would have been to brush teeth!

2) I love that I have reached 50 followers! Thanks, y'all!

3) Yesterday morning, I went into Katie's room to make sure that she still had all of her clothes still on.  Once I saw all was well, I ran downstairs to grab the clothes for her to wear, was coming back upstairs, and guess who greeted me at the top of the stairs?? Yes, you guessed right.  When I went downstairs, she was in the crib...and then she wasn't....I asked her how she got out and she said "neigh," so I asked her if she rode it like a horse to get out and she said yes.  So, she got out safely and was just fine.  I guess a big girl bed is in our VERY near future.  We had talked about doing it over the week of Thanksgiving, but looks like it may have to happen sooner.  She did stay in and go right to sleep last night, so hopefully it was a one time occurrence.  I think we are going to go out and look for big girl bedding today so we can make the transition soon! Oh my.

4) We had pictures done for our Christmas card and I just got the CD of them.  There is one picture on there that just makes me laugh every single time.  I love these three bunches!  Here it is...
Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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  1. Chloe Jo has just now started undressing herself when she is in bed. I guess I should feel lucky that we made it this long without this particular struggle.

    Hope Katie likes her new big girl bed!