Monday, November 14, 2011

Resolution Recap: October

I just realized that I never did do a Resolution Recap for last month! OOPS!  So...better late than never, right?? And after thinking of all of them, I realized I've been a big slacker.  Anyways, here we go:

1) Read 14 books: Ugh.  I think I'm on the same book I was on the last time I did a recap.  I definitely need to finish this book!  And I think I've decided to buy a Kindle Fire - maybe that will make me more inclined to read!
2) Learn to sew: Still in the same boat as I was - sewing machine is in its box in my closet.
3) Cook more frequently: I was doing so well and then Brad started traveling a TON for work.  I just don't get motivated to cook for only me and Katie.  We (I) need to do better about that for sure!
4) Read the Bible everyday and all the way through: Still need to get back on that bandwagon.  I really am going to.  I am.
5) Use treadmill/workout at least 4 times a week: I haven't done too good of a job on this one recently.  I will, though!
6) Use coupons when I shop: I didn't do well on this last month.  I'm hoping to dedicate a special time to do this every week - maybe Sunday afternoons? We will see!
7) De-clutter & simplify: I am hoping to do a big purge next week and take a load to Goodwill.  Brad is taking off work next week, so we hope to get rid of things we don't need!
8) Find a Sunday school class at church: Still on the list.  We were just talking about this at church this past weekend.
9) Buy fresh flowers once/month: I don't think I did this last month.  Gosh it just seems like it flew by and time got away from me...oops!
10) Have a date night with Brad at least once/month: Hm.  I think we did this last month.  Yes - we did.  And it was delicious.  I spared Brad and didn't get a picture of us, but we really did go on a date!
11) Send 2 hand-written cards/month: Finally!  Something I can say I did!
12) Have another baby: Yep...still working.  Hoping I can mark this off the list soon!

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