Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Circus Fun

Oh how I am loving the age of 3.  Yes, she is headstrong and independent and sassy (not sure where she gets that...ha), but she is oh so fun too!  A little over a week ago I took Katie (along with Jill and Stella) to the girls' first circus outing!  I didn't tell Katie until she had to change clothes so we could leave - I knew there would be LOTS of questions and wanting to go now.  So glad I waited - she was SO excited!  Here she is before we headed out.
And here are the girls - Katie was so excited that Stella was going too!
I wasn't sure how Katie would be around clowns - no worries there though...she loved them!  She kept wanting pictures with them.  And she got a clown coloring book and had the clowns autograph it.
Once inside, there were other activities to do before the actual circus began.  The girls loved the pony rides! Katie really wanted to ride an elephant - but that also meant I would have to, and that would have cost $30 for both of us.  Not worth it!  Maybe next time :)
Excuse my camera-around-the-neck tourist look.  
I absolutely LOVE this picture of me and Katie!  This was in line to get her face painted.  This one needs to be in a frame - note to self.
And here is my butterfly girl!
I think this one is hilarious - they were checking eachothers' faces out!
I completely enjoyed the circus too...especially the elephants!
Here is my sweet girl during the intermission!
After the intermission, the motorcycles did their thing with the guys doing tricks in midair.  I think that may have been one of Katie's favorite parts.  And I absolutely LOVE this picture on the right when one of the guys was in midair!
And here are Jill and Stella!
I'm not sure if this was the end or not because it was the end for us - the girls were worn out (it was like 8:45 by this time)...Katie loved the human cannonball!
And the girls were done for by the time we got home!
I think we will be going back to the circus next time they come through town.  What a fun night!


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