Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  As I was adding the things I am loving today, I noticed a trend.  So today's edition is parenting-related quotes or ideas - some heartfelt, and some are funny (and true)!  Here's what I'm loving today...
 I'm LOVING this idea! HA!  I can't wait for some Reese's cups :)
 I'm LOVING these mommy luxuries...hilarious!  And true!  I could take or leave the heels - I am not coordinated enough to wear those, they hurt my feet!  The rest I can totally relate to though!
 I'm LOVING this quote by Albert Einstein.  I have to agree with this one - play is so important...both structured and unstructured!
 I'm LOVING this quote too - self-esteem for our little folks is so important.  There definitely is a balance in being realistic and having high self-esteem though.  Oh, the joys of parenting :)
 I'm LOVING this that I saw someone post on Facebook a couple weeks ago.  It is so important to stop and just take it all in.  I need to print this quote and put it in several places so I remember to slow down and appreciate this stage of life.
 I'm LOVING these two cuties most of all!! We have loved spending time outside recently - I am sure it will get too cool to do that soon, but for now, we are having fun!
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