Friday, October 19, 2012

Jack: Four Months

He is a great, flexible sleeper!  He can go abotu 10 hours at night.  And as for naptime, I know he will do well on a routine, which I've got to get going.  I am noticing a pattern of awake time and sleep time, but he is still napping in his swing.  I've noticed he will wake up first thing, eat, play, and then doze off for a catnap before eating a second time.  After that, he usually stays awake (or may have another catnap).  After the third feeding, he gets a good afternoon nap in.  And he does well staying awake during the evening.  Right now, I keep him up to do a last feeding at 10 or 10:30 still, but I think we are about to cut that out and try to put him down at around 8.  He is also still sleeping next to our bed, but I think that the transition to his crib will happen in the next week or two.  I'm interested to see how he does sleeping once we cut that late night feeding out and put him in his own bed...I sure hope it is a seamless transition (and I do expect him to wake up and have his first feeding a little earlier if we put him down earlier at night)!  I am hoping when we introduce him to cereal, it will fill him up and he will drop that last late feeding at night and go to bed between 8-9 and sleep til around 7.  Wish us luck!
He is still exclusively breastfed and it appears to be agreeing with him well :) He is eating every 3-4 hours which usually ends up being 6 times a day.  When he takes a bottle, he can easily down 5 ounces now!  I'm interested to see how he does when we introduce cereal to him!
He weighs 14 pounds, 12 ounces - in the 50th percentile!
He is 25 inches long - also in the 50th percentile!  He also happens to be in the 50th percentile for head circumference!
Size Clothes
I think it is safe to say he is wearing 6 month clothes.  I am still shoving him into some 3 month things, but they are pretty snug.  I guess it is time to pack those away - sniff, sniff.  He is definitely growing like a weed though - I feel like some of the 6 month sleepers are starting to get tight in length!
Size Diapers
He is very solidly wearing size 2 Pampers Swaddlers!
Hair color
Still just some fuzz, but it appears to be light brown fuzz!
Eye color
Oh those baby blues...I think they are going to end up being like mine and Katie's eyes.
Looking Like
Still Brad's Mini-Me!  Although I have to say over the last couple of weeks I see a LOT of Katie expressions on his face!
Little Buddy, Little Man, Baby Jack, The Dude
Favorite toy
We have a toy that hangs from the handle of his carseat - it is a monkey that plays music when you pull down on him.  Jack loves it!  And he has another monkey toy in his swing that he likes too!  And of course the squeaky lion is a hit.  He still loves the playmat and the swing too!
Whew!  There have been quite a few firsts recently!  He had his first trip to Kiawah (outside Charleston), first time touching/seeing the ocean, first bath in the real bathtub (which he LOVED) - definitely a big month!
He is starting to reach for things.  Like I mentioned above, he has rolled from tummy to back.  He is definitely making more noise!  I have started saying "mamamama" to him hoping that will be his first word - a momma can dream, right? :)
Anything else?
I can't get over what a happy, sweet baby he is!  I really thought Katie was a great baby and that it couldn't get any better as far as disposition of a baby.  Well, I appear to have been wrong.  Jack is the sweetest - he is so smiley and loves to snuggle.  He loves to stand up and look around (I think the Exersaucer will be making its debut soon).  He loves to watch Sadie walk around.  He tries to sit up!...if you set him on the Boppy pillow, he tries to pull himself up!  He also loves to dance (just like big sis did)!

Here are a few more pictures from recently - is he not the cutest, most pinchable thing ever??!  I know I am biased, but good grief! :)
Always stylin'....
And this is a comparison of Katie at her first Halloween and sweet Jack - they're related, can't you tell!?  He definitely is a boy version of Katie! Katie is obviously on the left and Jack on the right ....
 And here he is at his 4 month appointment yesterday...he thought that mirror was the best thing ever!  He got a great report at the doctor - she couldn't believe how well he was doing with core control...she thought he was about to sit by himself (if he can just figure out how to use his hands to push himself up)!  And we are going to start cereal this weekend - should be fun!



  1. What a cute little guy!! My daughter's birthday is only a few days after his (and a few years before :)) I love these updates, I wish I had thought of this with our family blog when we started it a long time ago :)

  2. Oh my goodness, what a sweetie! And a good sleeper... how did you get so lucky?

    What a fabulous job you're doing recording all those details. I wish I'd done that.

  3. Oh my! He is so cute I can't hardly stand it!!!

  4. Very cute baby, I love the picture in front of the mirror.