Monday, February 17, 2014

And The Tiebreaker Is...

Good grief am I late in getting these posts done!  And by now, they are more for my sake than anyone else's - ha!  But I wanted to go ahead and do a post about our big ultrasound at 20 weeks!  We got there and they were running way late - so they told me to go ahead and go to the bathroom (which I had time to do twice) and also drink enough to be good to go for my ultrasound...whew!  And then it was finally our turn!  

Baby C was not still for a single minute of the ultrasound - unbelievable!  Here I am with a picture of our new addition!
 And I had Brad take a full-length picture of me because I loved my new Matilda Jane ruffle pants and my polka dot Toms - my favorites!
 And yes - we were absolutely astonished to find out that BC3 is a BOY!!!!!  Brad and I both would have bet lots of money that this one would be a girl, so to say we were surprised was an understatement!  But we are so excited and it will be so neat to have the boys so close in age (well, some would say nuts and some would say neat - ha!).

So Brad and I went to lunch together at Newks and of course talked about possible names the entire time - and no, we don't have any answers yet :)

I didn't tell the kids anything, and I suggested that Brad bring home some blue balloons for them (well, more for Katie), so he stopped and got balloons and then blue hydrangeas for me - so sweet!
 And this was Katie's expression when we she figured out what the blue balloons meant!  I was afraid she would be really disappointed, but she is excited - and was thrilled with the balloons!
 Here she is with the balloons!
 And Katie was excited to show Jack the balloons and tell him that it is a boy - of course he doesn't really get it, but he was so thrilled to play with the balloons!
 All he cared about was the balloons! :)
 And Katie wanted to see the flowers and smell them - she loved how they smelled!
 And I of course had to get a belly picture with the blue balloons and my cute dot shoes :)
 And my friend and neighbor Jenn brought this by - SO sweet!  And so delicious...dark chocolate mint candies :)  I didn't share a single one of them! 
One of the first things I had to do was return the girl bedding I had gotten at Target - ah!  :) I really, really thought it was a girl (but also knew I could return the bedding in the event I was wrong - thank goodness)!
Isn't it cute?? I do love the bedding we bought for BC3 though - another post to come on the furniture and bedding and logistics around our house that will come soon!  Check back soon!


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