Friday, February 28, 2014

Show Us Your Life: Favorite Vacation Spots

I decided to link up with Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life series today since it only involved pictures I already have on my computer!  Today's topic is favorite vacation spots!  It couldn't come at a better time...we are working on trying to find a place and time to go to the beach before BC3 makes his appearance - likely sometime in April!  

Last year we went to the beach twice!  In April we stayed in Seagrove Beach, FL in a townhome literally right on the beach.  It was absolutely amazing to be able to just walk right out to the beach - and if you forgot something or needed to go to the bathroom, it was so easy to get inside!

Here are my cuties - I love pictures like this!
 And here they are all cleaned up before we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Seaside - The Great Southern Cafe!  Love this picture!
 And a family shot after we finished dinner.  I think Katie was a little worn out at this point!
You can find the blog post about this trip {here}!

And then in August, we went back to Grayton Beach, FL with a bunch of friends and had a blast!  We got there and unpacked and walked to The Red Bar for dinner...amazing!
 It is so nice to be on vacation and have lazy mornings before getting lathered up and suited up for the beach!
 Katie was ready to go!  Love this picture of her - hats look so cute on her!
 Jack had the best time at the beach!  
 And here we are before dinner at The Great Southern Cafe with our friends!  Just as delicious as I remembered!
 And another oceanside picture!  LOVE how clear and amazing the water is!
 And a family picture before we headed home.  I always hate leaving the beach!
You can find the rest of this trip {here}!

We have definitely traveled other places that we love and cannot wait to visit again!

We went to Kauai and Maui for our honeymoon...
We went to St. Thomas for our first anniversary...

And as our "last hoorah" before kids, we went to Europe for almost three weeks!  What an amazing trip!  We can't wait to go back!

As a family, we have also traveled to San Diego, Phoenix, Kiawah Island, Auburn, Atlanta, Greensboro, Louisville, the beach quite a few times, and other places!  We are so blessed to be able to travel and experience the things we do!  Now, back to finding somewhere to stay at the beach in April :)



  1. I LOVE Seagrove and Seaside! They're both so pretty. We go to Destin every summer with Brent's family and I love going to the beach but Destin is just so tourist-y and I feel like Seagrove and Seaside aren't that way. And Katie's seersucker swimsuit...adorable! And I love their crab shirts!! Where did you get those?

    1. I absolutely love going down there - close enough to Destin to go to the fave restaurants and outlet mall, but you don't have to stay in the tourist trap part :) Thank you! I actually need to try her swimsuits on her - I have a feeling they don't fit anymore...the girl won't stop growing! I got the crab shirts from Sew For You Embroidery ( - another local one is My Two Girls - she is amazing! It is!