Wednesday, February 19, 2014

January Odds + Ends

In an effort to catch up with this ole blog, I wanted to try to finish catching up on January - oops!  Here are some of the things we did with some pictures (of course)!

Our friends' little lady, Olivia, turned 2 and had an Elmo party!  Isn't everything cute??
Katie, Avery, and Olivia thought it was great fun to hide and play under the table. Crazy girls.  It should be interesting to see how these girls play together as they get older!
Love this picture of these sweet girls!
And I caught Katie as she was about to dig into her Elmo cupcake :)
Jack was a wild man at the party!  I think he had a tooth or two cutting through - so he was nonstop and hurting.  Whew!  Glad I caught a smile though :)

On nice days when Katie is at school, I try to let Jack run around and hide in the bushes and all that at church before we pick Sis up.  He loves finding sticks and playing - such a boy for sure!
And Katie is just learning and growing and amazing every single day.  Love my sweet girl!

And the last day of January, the kids sported their Valentines shirts and we met Cee Cee and Will for lunch!  This was my best effort at a picture of the two of them together :)
Katie knows that if she cooperates, the picture-taking will be over sooner. Smart girl.
And every once in a while, Jack will cooperate for a picture.  This day did not appear to be one of those days :)
Katie loves sitting in the gigantic rocking chair at this place - I have to say I do feel so tiny in it!
I love when Jack loves on his sister.  Although most of the time he wants a hug and then grabs the bow out of her hair.  Wild man!
Alright - I am slowly but surely making progress in catching up!  Stay tuned for more fun everyday as I make an effort to catch up!  House shuffling, Valentines, outdoor fun, more birthday parties, a Mommy-Daddy-Katie date, and more!


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  1. Cute catch up post!
    I am so behind on blogging! I understand how difficult it is to get caught up.