Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Circus Festivities

A while back, we headed to the circus when it came to town!  It was actually the same weekend as the Fresh Beat Band adventure - and we happened to get free tickets to both!  We must be doing something right!  Nick's mom thought of Katie when she got some tickets - so, so sweet!  We went with Tanja and Jill and Stella!  The girls were so excited to have a girls day....and that they matched :)

Before the circus, we headed to brunch and it was AH-mazing!  I ate my fair share of pineapple and potatoes :)  YUM!
Look at these cuties.  Think they were ready to walk to the arena for the circus?? :)
Let the show begin!  We had great seats and loved the whole thing!  Both girls watched in amazement the whole time!
She was wide-eyed the whole time!!
And we got a pretty good picture together!  Love my girl!
This was what Katie was excited to see - someone being shot out of a cannon!!
Tanja and Katie :)
Jill and Stella :)
One more of me and my favorite little lady! 
During intermission, the girls had to get some snacks!  Katie got a box of popcorn and Stella got a snowcone!  They were so excited about their treats!
She loves popcorn at special events!
I love how intensely they watched everything!
And then confetti at the end!  What a fun circus!
Before we hopped in the car to head home, we got a picture of all 5 of us.  I didn't realize that Stella was hiding behind her elephant bowl until we were in the car - such a funny girl!  I sure love this picture!
I love a fun girls day out - and I know Katie does too!  Can't wait to find something else fun so we can have another girls day out! 


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