Thursday, April 16, 2015

March: Part One

Well hello again!  I am still here - life is nuts and days are just flying by!  How on earth is Ryan 10 months old?!  And how on EARTH is Katie about to turn SIX!??! Sheesh.  Slow down, time.  Seriously.
Anyway, here are some of the highlights of the first half of March!
March 1
I think this is so funny - Katie picked her own outfit out this day!  Can you tell? :)  Hopefully she does better with her coordination.  I have actually thought about letting her pick my outfits out for 3 or 4 days in a row and see what she comes up with.  Seeing this makes me question doing that though!
March 2
Katie's school had a book fair - and I ran by to go with Katie and her class!  It also happened to be class picture day (she doesn't usually wear necklaces to school)!
I took the boys to the park while Katie was at gymnastics and Ryan was so smiley!  And good grief, looking at him in this picture versus now - he has changed so much!
And here was Jack at the park!  He loves playing with sticks now!
And goodness.  This was the outfit she had on for gymnastics ... and it also happened to be picture day (I forgot)!  Oops!
Jack is looking so grown up these days.  Cute boy!
March 3
Speaking of grown is a "quick pic" of Katie before school that day.
March 4
A selfie to start the day!  I had somewhere to go that morning, so I actually had real clothes and makeup on!
And this happy dude.  I still can't believe how much he's changed in a month!  Wow.
I love when all three kiddos play with the same toy.  And that's just what happened after school that day!
March 5
And we got more snow.  I had hoped the weather guys were wrong, but they were right again....lots of snow.  Which meant no school, of course.
We did end up having a great snow day full of playing inside AND outside.  And yes...Katie wanted to watch Rudolph while having some quiet time.  HA!
March 6
Yet another snow day.  Luckily I planned ahead and got a dozen donuts before all the snow - I was pretty proud of my quick thinking!  We did some coloring and worksheets and puzzles!  And we managed a meal out at Local Taco (one of current faves).
March 7
We started the day with a bed full of crazies! All three kids and the dog and both of us.  Whew!  Good thing we have a king size bed!
And I went to help my friend out who is a photographer and was doing bunny mini sessions...I think she posed just right for me!  I had taken the kids a few days earlier for her to practice and get some pictures with the bunnies.  They were so cute!
And then Katie had soccer practice!  It ended up being a beautiful day!
March 8
We met Tanja and Nick at the park and got some playing in and even walked a little!  Love this.
And another good one!  They were so excited to play with Tanja and Nick at the park!
And then that evening, we had a date night!  Woohoo! We ended up eating at Sperry's and going to Target (because, honestly, what date night is complete without a trip to Target?!).
March 9
It is so fun to watch these boys interact!  Ryan thinks Jack is absolutely the funniest thing there ever was - regardless of what he is doing!  And Jack has started to really get into imaginative play - so he was taking Ryan's picture here :)
March 10
And Brad went to eat lunch with Katie!  He sent me this picture of them - I know she is so excited when I come to lunch, but I do believe she is extra, super excited when Brad comes!
Jill and her kiddos came over for dinner that night - I cooked!  And neither of the daddies would be home, so we all got together.  And what dinner is complete without some dress up!? The girls had a great time dressing up!
And at bedtime I made a discovery.  And 3 hours later Katie finally went to bed without creepy crawlies in her hair.  Yep, that's right. Lice.  Absolutely ew.  I saw them crawling around and immediately used some of my essential oils and it killed them on contact.  And my neighbor Jenn brought me the nit comb and lice shampoo and black garbage bags and a drink - ha!  And I went through her hair and did all the necessary treatments and got them all out! She watched Mary Poppins. :)  And I think we did laundry for 3 days straight making sure we got rid of them! (thankfully none of us got them!)
March 11
It is so fun watching Katie interact with Ryan.  Since she is at school so much of the time, they don't get a lot of time together.  But he sure does love her.  And she loves to play with him!
March 12
Ryan is such a happy guy!  I can just hear that giggling when I look at this picture!
That evening, we ate at Chick Fil A -- and Katie finally asked what we were doing for Spring Break (which was just a matter of days away).  We hadn't told the kids what we were doing, but we had actually thought about telling them that night.  Do you think she was excited to learn that we were headed to the beach?? I love this series of pictures!
March 13
I got to eat lunch with my sweet girl, who happened to be Elsa for the day!  They had their Character Parade where they dressed up like their favorite book character and then carried the book with them.  I was glad she picked Elsa so she could just wear her Halloween costume!
We also had her class Spring Party that afternoon...and then it was spring break!  I had a lot of packing to do in order for us to head out the next day!  Priorities though...I also made time to get my nails done :) I was beach-ready!
Check back soon for a post all about our Spring Break!  It will be a major picture overload :)  But that's the fun part, anyway!

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