Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Sweet SIX Year Old

Goodness - for some reason, Katie's birthday this year has hit me kind of hard!  Maybe it is because she has to use two hands to show her age now?  Or the fact that I am coming to realize that she is almost a "grader" (done with kindergarten).  Or maybe it is because I also know that Jack and Ryan will have birthdays soon and we won't ever have any other little babies in our house!  Whatever it is, it is an important reminder to soak up each and every minute of these kids.  They definitely drive me insane with their not listening and all of that, but I know this is a stage of life that will be gone in the blink of an eye and I will certainly miss it!  It honestly seems like this happened like last week!  Wow.
Katie is a tender-hearted, kind, loving, orderly, creative, sweet, gentle (unless playing with Jack), smart, funny, silly, beautiful girl who loves to read, play with friends, eat at Chuy's, write stories, watch Frozen, go to the beach, be outside, shop at Target, help with whatever we are doing (most of the time), snuggle, and boss around her brothers (mainly Jack).  We recently bought new tennis shoes and they are a youth size 2.5.  I think she is aiming to be taller than me by third grade - I know she is over 4 feet tall now!  We go to her six year well-child appointment tomorrow and I am looking forward to see how she measures.  She wants to play outside with friends the minute she gets home from school.  She likes soccer practice better than the games, even though she was the closest she has been to scoring a goal at her game this past weekend.  Her favorite meal at home is green and white tortellini with pesto sauce, but she does love Chuy's!  Her brothers absolutely adore her - she is quick to comfort Jack when he gets in trouble and can make Ryan laugh immediately!  She reads to us at bedtime and has a journal where she writes a new story almost every day.  She loves to have her nails painted and hates to wear ponytails.  She would wear a necklace to school every day if I let her. 
I can't wait for this summer when I will actually get to spend some quality time with her!  Between school and other activities, I sure have missed my time with her!  I am so proud of the girl she is growing up to be and am so blessed that she is mine! 
Here she is before school this morning...
And one more picture inside!  We had balloons on her chair and Krispy Kreme donuts waiting on her!  And all her presents were wrapped and ready on the table, but she didn't have time to open them!
Brad and I surprised her and had lunch with her (I got dressed up, can't you tell? ha).  She said her whole bus sang happy birthday to her - and that her class all sang happy birthday to her this morning.  It makes me so happy that she feels so celebrated and special - because she is!  Here we are at lunch together...
I know time flies, but gosh.  I wish I could freeze time with her sometimes.  She comes up with some of the funniest things at times, and then at other times, she makes observations that I would never even think of!  Here are some pictures from the last 6 years -- bottom left is when she was just a day or two old, followed by her one year picture, etc...all the way to this morning.  
I hope she has the best birthday ever.  And I hope time will slow down just a little bit. 
Happy birthday, sweet girl.

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