Monday, April 6, 2015

The Rest of February...

Hooray! I am playing catch up!  Going through all of the pictures and deciding which ones to upload made me realize how much fun we had with all the snow...but also very thankful for the springlike weather we are having now!
I am going to do my best to catch up soon (I know I have said that before - and I want to!)...I get overwhelmed thinking of all I need to post about...once I am caught up it is easy to put together a post about a fun day/event/weekend!
Here we go - go ahead and get comfy!  There are lots of pics here, folks!
February 15
Katie and I ran some errands...a snowstorm was headed our way so we needed to get her some boots to play outside in!  And we found some.  And they are size FOUR!  As in - she has a bigger foot than one of my aunts!  Oh me.  After that, we got our nails done!
That evening, after our standard family dinner at Newks, I saw a movie with friends!
February 16
We headed out to play!  Most of what ended up falling was ice - but it made sledding fun!  We went down the street and started at the top of a steep driveway and went down into the street.  It was great fun!
That night, Katie got to watch a movie with friends!  Who needs bedtimes on a snow day?!
February 17
Another snow day!  They ended up being out all week...whew!  Good thing we love our neighbors!  All the kids had a blast playing with each other and the grown ups took turns hanging out at a different house and having drinks and chatting and eating!
Here we are about to head out for another round of sledding!
This time, we walked to a different area and did some serious sledding on big hills - much better sledding than the day before!
They were ready to go!  Jack was so thrilled for more sledding - wild man for sure!
And I think Katie could have stayed out there the entire day!  That girl loves to play outside!
And it is always fun with neighbors!  Jenn and I had a blast too - all the grown ups took turns sledding!
Ryan even got his first sledding in!
And Jenn got this AMAZING family pic...even Sadie!  I am going to frame this one....a keeper for sure!
And the crew that was out that day!  Stella and Hank made an appearance the next day I think!
And a selfie with the mister!  We were like little kids out there!
Jack did a double by himself (a double being a hill, across a little road, and then another hill) - he loved it!
February 18
More snow!  Ah!  This was the view out the master window that morning...
And that only meant one thing...more sledding! (Brad was at home with us through this day - and he did work from home)  It was fun walking out in the middle of the roads!
Mommy and Jack ready to rumble!
Daddy and Katie after they made it all the way down into the woods!
Ryan managed to fall asleep in my arms in the cold.  The day before, he fell asleep in the stroller while walking home from sledding!  I guess he was all snugly in his snowsuit!
February 19
Desperation makes crazy things breaking out the play doh!!!!  Brad made it into work this day, so I was home with the kids and trying to figure out new, fun things to do. 
And they had a blast!  Katie loved helping me go through and throwing the old ones away and getting new, soft ones out. 
And Jack hadn't played with play doh at home before (ha), so he was so excited!
And Ryan had a big time watching all of us!
Katie did some worksheets and Jack did some good coloring!  Later in the afternoon, Katie played outside and ended up doing perler beads with Sydney - such fun!
February 20
Yes - that weather report indicated we were in for round 3 of the week! AH!  I did some cooking the kids did some coloring and playing, and Ryan did some sleeping anywhere he could!
That night, all the neighbors got together for a potluck dinner!  All the kids had a great time playing and watching a movie!
February 21
And then the sickness set in.  Yuck!  Katie woke up the next day with the stomach bug!
But later in the day, I got out of the house for the first time in 6 days!  I drove Jenn's car to pick up Newk's for was amazing to get out of the house!
Poor girl...when she is sick (stomach sick), we have started setting up a comfy spot in our bathroom so that it is close to the toilet. 
February 22
Jack and I got out of the house!  We headed to a birthday party for one of his little buddies!  It felt great to be showered and have real clothes on!  And what was that shining from the sky?? Oh! The sun!
Jack and his buddy Eli at the cute!
And the virus got victim #2 this day -- Daddy!
And braided hair can only mean one thing...still sick!  She hadn't gotten sick anymore, but she was still weak and didn't feel good at all.
February 23
We all got out of the house!  Still another snow day, but things were thawing out and I had an errand I had to run!
And I found my favorite dresses from the Oscars...I meant to do a post on this at the time and of course forgot, so here it is!  Everyone looked beautiful, but these were the ones that stood out to me!
And Katie had been fine...and then BAM!  She threw up again!  So back on the floor she went!
February 24
Thankfully, Katie woke up feeling better but couldn't go back to school that first day back.  And the virus got victim #3....Jack!  He threw up a few times, so I made a pallet on the floor in the kitchen that way it was easier to clean up (which also meant he couldn't go to MDO that day either)!  Katie stayed far away from him.  And I had to figure out something to do with Ryan -- his last time in the swing :)
Thank goodness for sweet friends that happen to be a neighbor!  Jenn ran to pick up some essentials I didn't have on hand...and brought me lunch and some pretty flowers.  That was a ray of sunshine for sure!
February 25
Katie went back to school!  Look at that smile - she was so excited to see her friends and to be feeling better!
And Jack was doing better too!  He was actually doing pretend play with the teapot and cups (pouring me tea)...and then he turned it into a drumset.  Oh my.
And this guy was pretty happy!  He did manage to get the less intense portion of the stomach bug, but it meant a wardrobe change with every diaper change.  Yuck.
February 26
And the first day of some normalcy!  Both big kids had school.  And I had Ryan!  And by the evening, it was time for a drink...we cheers'd eachother via text. 
And all the goobers with their hats backwards!
February 27
Yay for Friday!  And love this MJ outfit on her!
This was my station for the day - victim #5.  Thankfully I had the milder version.  But it also meant I missed the Maroon 5 concert with girlfriends.  SO SAD.  I did contemplate wearing one of Jack's diapers and going.  But I mainly didn't want my friends to get sick. HA!  They sent me videos from the concert, so it sort of felt like I was there!
February 28
Katie got to go to a Doll Day event with Girl Scouts - and I think they all had their American Girl dolls with them!
While Katie was gone, Brad and I played on the floor with Jack!  Thankfully I was feeling better!  And Jack loved having us to himself!  I think Ryan was in the exersaucer when we were building towers!
And there you have it -- our last half of February!  Whew!  Now, to catch up on March...including our Spring Break trip!  And a few Easter posts - décor, seeing the bunnies, and Easter itself!  Slowly making progress though!  Now I'm just about a month behind! :)

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