Monday, April 13, 2015

Ryan: 10 Months

I think this should be broken down into two separate categories for Ryan: naptime and nighttime. :)  So, here we go.  1: Naptime.  Awful!  Unless we are in the car.  Or I have time to sit and let him sleep in my arms.  It is so frustrating!  He won't nap in his crib (as in - will cry for 2 hours if I leave him in there...will not cry it out and give in and nap!).  Well, that may be a bit dramatic - maybe it is a rare occurrence that he naps in his crib -- that is more like it.  Which means I can't get much done!  With Katie and Jack I knew I could bank on naptime to be productive, but not so much with Ryan!  I am hoping that maybe this summer he will get on a good routine around the time he would naturally switch to one nap a day.  And 2: nighttime.  We seem to be doing pretty well here.  Since we have started laying him down earlier, he isn't waking up (knock on wood).  So we try to get him down at around 7 and he will sleep a good 11-12 hours.  When he does finally get on some semblance of a routine (it is bound to happen sometime, right?!), I am curious to see how that affects his bedtime!  A recent challenge here is that he is such a mommy's boy that he won't eat for other people or won't stay asleep for them.  That's frustrating for everyone involved!
This has been a little bit of a challenge this month - though I think we finally have a new routine down! He has 3 bottles a day - 8 ounces each - and 3 meals a day.  He wakes up to an 8 ounce bottle and about an hour later, he will have breakfast.  A lot of time lately he won't drink the whole bottle (there was one day last week he would literally only drink one ounce), so I will mix it with cereal if there is any left.  He has also had some stage 3 baby food that has fruit and oatmeal.  And he loves pancakes!  He eats lunch - loves ham, yogurt, applesauce, bread, cheese.  He will have another 8 ounce bottle around 3pm.  And then dinner around 5:30 and another 8 ounce bottle at bedtime.  The only food he has had that he flat out refused to eat was avocados.  I am going to keep trying them and see if he will learn to like it!  He also loves the baby snacky things - puffs, yogurt melts, and things like that!
Nothing official here - but according to the scale at home, he weighs 22.6 pounds!
Nothing official here!
Size Clothes
Ryan is in 12 months and it all fits perfectly!  The footed jammies are perfect and the outfits work just right too!
Size Diapers
Size 3 is working perfectly right now, though I wouldn't be surprised if we try size 4 sometime soon!
Hair color
He seems to be getting more hair!  And in the back it actually looks brown, but on top it looks blonde!  So odd. 
Eye color
He's got those sweet baby sweet!
Looking Like
He is his Daddy's son for sure!  And Brad and his mom both say that he looks a lot like Brad's dad as well.  Though in regards to siblings, he and Jack favor each other a bunch!
I'm not sure if there are any new ones or not....Little Bud for sure.  I think that's it!
Favorite toy
He loves anything on the floor!  He isn't as impressed with the walker or the exersaucer anymore - he wants to be down on the ground and moving around!  He likes the oversized bead-looking toys that snap together.  And he still likes his car keys.  And he really likes his Sophie - he squeaks it a LOT!  He also loves to pull up on the little white rocking chair...he would do that for as long as we would let him I think!  He likes to play with the weeble toys.  And he loves a block toy that has a ball inside - he loves to spin the ball around! He loves crawling to the stairs and pulling up - he is so proud!  He does like the entertainment table - it just needs new batteries so it will actually make noise!  He also likes to play with kind of ball - and he likes to chase it across the room if it rolls away from him.  He also loves to swing - thank goodness!  We have been spending more time outside since the weather has been nice, so he spends a lot of time in the swing when we are out there!
Ryan had his first sledding adventure this month!
And he had his first vacation this month - of course he wanted to eat the sand at the beach... 
...and he got to swim for the first time...
 ...and go to Disney World for the first time!

 And then he had his first Easter as well!
We have a crawler! Like crazy quick crawling!  I love watching him - he gets this really determined look on his face and then takes off after something!  And he is pulling up on things - and starting to cruise around.  Oh goodness. 
I have not done a good job with paying attention to his various noises! AH! He does the "dadada" and "mamama" of course.  And he does a "t" sound...and "g" and "n" and "b".  He also has started saying "da" when Sadie is around - maybe he is attempting to say "dog"!  And he loves to make a monkey noise - who knows if it is intentional, but he certainly cracks himself up doing it!
Anything else?
I know one thing we need to work on is the sippy cup...he only has 2 more months of bottles and formula (you're welcome, bank account), so we better get cracking on getting him more used to sippy cups!  We do give them to him at meals with water in them, but all he really does is chew on them.  He is a great eater - now that he is into solid foods, he definitely prefers that!  Maybe at meal time he just wants to eat and not worry about drinking - that's gotta change over the next couple of months!  Ryan loves watching Katie and Jack....Jack especially!  They laugh at each other and just have a big time.  Ryan also loves Sadie - he thinks her tail is hilarious when she wags it!  Ryan also loves to dance!  He will jive around to the beat of a song - and actually to the beat!  It is so funny...and he loves it!  He is also definitely a momma's boy...whenever I get home from running errands or whatever, he will crawl across the house and attempt to climb me like a tree!  Silly guy.  And he loves to "snorty grin" - and if you snort at him, he will snort back!  And he will do it as long as you are willing to keep snorting :)  Here is a prime example of the snorty grin...
And here are some more pictures from the last month!  It is amazing how much his look changed from the first picture to the last (at least to me)!...




 are we two months away from the big first birthday?! Wow.  That is just amazing to me!  Slow down time! 


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