Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby Coulter's Bedding

Well, after weeks of anticipation waiting to find out the gender of our sweet bundle of joy, I could not wait to select the bedding and buy it!! Something about being able to visualize what the nursery will look like just is really exciting to me. Brad and I had looked at several types of bedding while looking at furniture and those type of things, so it made the choice a bit easier. We had definitely picked one out if the baby was a boy, but we had a few to choose from for a girl. We sat down yesterday afternoon and looked at the bedding choices for a girl and both of us kept going back to the same one we liked the most weeks ago.....and we bought it!! Here is a picture below of what it is - it is called Cocalo Tropical Punch. I think it will look really good with dark wood furniture since it has some brown in the trim of the bedding. The top picture is just the bedding set that we have ordered, and the second picture is an example of a nursery with every possible element that matches! Be sure to keep in mind that we will not necessarily have every element that this room does (I think it looks a bit busy in this picture but I just LOVE the bedding!) We will probably register for a few of the other items, but not all of it!! I can hardly wait to be able to set everything up now!!