Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weekend of Fun - Limo Lights Tour

I know it is a few days after the fact, but I wanted to comment on what a fun weekend we had last weekend!! We had the Third Annual Limo Lights Tour that my brother, Will, coordinates. That is his Christmas gift to those that he invites (quite the honor to be on the guest list) and it is so much fun!! We have Hammies to eat and Christmas cookies for dessert - such the tradition. This year we went to some different neighborhoods, including driving down to see our house all lit up and ready to celebrate the season! Here are a few pictures of the outting.

This is Will and his friend Amy! Holy crap - Will's eyes are open!! (only took like a billion tries)
I think this picture is hilarious....Will looks as if he has seen a ghost, Brad looks slightly awkward and I look a bit goofy too!

This is our house lit up at night! Brad worked really hard to get all of those lights set up and it turned out wonderfully!!

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