Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

I just wanted to comment that GOOD GRIEF all of the sweets this time of year are killing me!!! I do not have enough self-control to "only eat one". We went to a graduation celebration for one of my best friends from growing up (pics to come later), and of course they had some deeeee-licious desserts. I told Brad on the way home that I had a headache from all the sugar and really needed about a gallon of water to drink.

Sweets are definitely my weakness - they always have been. I am starting to get a little nervous about the 1-hour glucose tolerance test at my next doctor's appointment. I have to drink some kinda stuff and then get blood drawn to see if my body is still processing it properly. If it does not, this equals gestational diabetes (not good).

So my point is...thank goodness the temptations of the holidays are thankfully coming to a close within the next few days. This will make me practice self-control (hopefully).

On a different note, I went today and had a 1-hour prenatal massage and a wonderful!! I wondered how they do do the part of the massage where you lay on your this spa, they actually had a cushion with a hole in it for the belly! I kind of giggled when I was getting situated because it is rather strange to lay down and put your belly in a hole! It ended up being very comfortable, though. I think Baby Katie was glad that I was taking care of myself some today...she did some serious kicking and squirming in there!!

I will do some more posts maybe tomorrow, but for now, I am gonna hit the hay. I was up til 2:00am last night because Brad and I cleaned everything out of the office/catch-all room/nursery - it is amazing to think that that is going to be our sweet baby's room! Next on the baby preparation agenda....painting!! The bedding came one day this past week, so we can take that and match the paint color to one of the colors in the bedding. Then we will get the carpets cleaned, and then finally we will get the furniture and Brad can assemble it. I think we put our own personal deadline of finishing the nursery at Valentine's Day...I guess we shall see if we accomplish that daunting task!!

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