Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crib Construction

Well, Saturday was the day of construction. All of the baby furniture was delivered last week, so we waited until the weekend to be able to put the crib together and organize the room like we wanted it. Below are some pictures from the grand construction. I was pretty impressed because I don't think Brad said one bad word - he is getting much better thanks to the swear jar! I also wanted to provide picture evidence that Brad really did read the instructions! As the room begins to take on more of a "nursery feel", I will be sure to get some more pictures. We did wash the crib sheet and some blankets and put some things up on the bookcase. I also think we are going to hang the quilt over the dresser/changing table and hang the letters over the crib. I think when everything is said and done, it will look just adorable. Hard to believe that in anywhere from 7 to 11ish weeks from now we will have a baby to reside in that room! Yay!

Getting started on the crib

Proof! He did read the instructions!

I think Sadie was making a suggestion on what the next move should be...

"It's just my size!"...I wonder if she thought all this new furniture was for her?

Attaching the front piece - the final touch!!


  1. Love the furniture & Sadie looks like a good helper!

  2. He did such a good job! It looks like York's crib... cocoon in espresso? I love the bun feet!! precious... and I liked it because I can use it if we have a girl next!!