Monday, February 2, 2009

New Elements

I just want to comment on how frustrating it was to add the new elements. I like things to look just right, so there are still some items that are bothering me, but all in all, I think it looks good. I didn't want a boring title listed at the top, and I wanted a cute header. I was able to check both of the items off my to do list with a lot of patience (and a little help from Brad).

For those wondering how to do a header, it is quite easy. I know several of you have asked me to let you know once I figured it out. Thanks to Lisa, I made one! You can too if you visit Good luck....and hope you enjoy the new title and header at the top!


  1. Cute new stuff!! I made a header several months ago... It looked OK... but when I couldn't get it JUST RIGHT I gave up. HAHA! You've inspired me to try again... =)

  2. I created an adorable header, but how did you transfer it back to blogger?

    Hope you're doing well!